Pay in 4

More growing power for you.

Allow your customers the freedom to buy what they want, without the wait. Keep sales going no matter the economic landscape by offering customers flexible payment options. Pay in 4 is available to eligible customers across 9+ million active accounts in Australia.1

Increase conversion with dynamic Pay in 4 banners.

Let customers know they can pay with Pay in 4 while they’re browsing your website. Our banners automatically show Pay in 4 details for each product displayed, giving customers the essential information they need before they buy.

2 x
higher average order value from Pay in 4 compared to PayPal Standard Checkout.2

Implement banners quickly.

It’s easy to add Pay in 4 banners to your store once you start using PayPal Checkout.

No Fees.

Pay in 4 is included in your PayPal Checkout fees and doesn’t charge your customers interest or late fees.

Displayed at key decision points.

Our dynamic messaging appears at each product page and in the shopping cart too.

Useful insights.

Make data-driven decisions based on sales, average order values, customer demographics and more.

The numbers you need to know.

Shoppers are presented with Pay in 4

They choose Pay in 4

Customers make a down payment and then pay the balance in three bi-weekly, interest-free payments. You’ll get paid in full upfront.

We make it easy

Payments can be made automatically. Customers can review plan details online or in the app.

A win for your customers.

Better purchasing power.

Purchases become more affordable with the ability to spread payments over time.

Payment flexibility.

You get paid upfront, while your customers pay in 4 instalments. The first instalment is due at checkout, and the remaining balance is paid over 3 fortnightly instalments.

Interest-free payments.

Your customers can stretch purchases over 4 instalments without interest or late fees.

Trusted and proven.

Rated the most trusted brand among buy now, pay later providers.8

A win for your business.

Increased sales.

Giving shoppers more spending power could help boost your average order value.2

No additional costs.

The Pay in 4 offering is included in your existing PayPal Checkout fee.

Easy promotion.

Add Pay in 4 messaging to your site in a couple of clicks to enhance your offering.9

Expansive network.

Connect with PayPal’s ever-expanding network with millions of customers across Australia.

Australia's leading brands are already offering Pay in 4.

Buy Now, Pay Later around the world.

Interest-free buy now, pay later services are available from PayPal in Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the US, and the UK. As businesses pay no additional cost to offer this option, it helps increase revenue without increasing marketing costs.

Let's talk.

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