Accepting payments part 2: Sending invoices

Jun 17 2020 | PayPal editorial staff

If you need a quick way to send invoices – without needing a website – we’ll walk through the process from start to finish
At this point, you should’ve already opened a PayPal Business account. Now, you’re ready to create a professional-looking invoice and send it to your customers or clients.
Creating and sending invoices (total time: ~5 minutes per invoice) 
It’s free and easy to create and send an invoice that your customers can pay – even if they don’t have an account with PayPal. You only pay a low transaction fee when your customers pay you. View fees 
Here’s what you’ll need:  
  • Your PayPal Business account username and password
  • Your customers’ email addresses  
  • Your company logo (optional)  

Step-by-step instructions 

1. Log into your PayPal Business account

2. Click Tools at the top of the page, and then click Invoicing. 

3. Next, select Create Invoice 

4. Add your recipient’s email address.  

5. To add a name or shipping address, click Add customer details 

6. Enter the items, quantity, price.  

7. Click Send 
Your customers will receive an email with your invoice. They can pay securely by credit or debit card or PayPal.


Frequently asked questions.

The Business app makes creating, editing, and updating invoices easy. To create a new invoice tap Create New Invoice either on the Home screen, or on the Invoicing screen. You can also tap + on the Invoicing screen.
When you create an invoice you can enter all the necessary transaction information such as to whom the invoice is going, the date, when it’s due, what it’s for and the pricing information. You can also customize any terms and conditions you may have, add a note to the customer, leave a memo for yourself, or add pictures. Finally, you can also save the invoice as a draft, edit or delete it, and of course send it to your customer.
Need to send the same invoice to multiple customers? Tap the invoice you created and then tap More. Tap Copy to duplicate the invoice and then edit the customer information on it as well as any other information. You can save the copy as a new invoice (it will automatically be titled the same but with a number on it) or send it.
As part of the invoice creation process, you can add to the app different items you sell or services you provide as well as multiple tax rates. Just tap Invoicing and then tap the cog.
Want to know more? Go to our Apps page.

We built our apps with our various customers in mind and each of our apps best suits a particular customer’s needs. You might only need to use one app or all three. It all depends on your needs.
The Consumer PayPal app is primarily for consumers. People use it to send and receive money either to or from friends and family or businesses. They can make payments in stores or online, make donations, add loyalty cards as well as manage bank and payment card information.

The PayPal Business app is for people who use PayPal to conduct business regularly. It’s the best way to manage your business on the go. You can create and send invoices, provide refunds, transfer money to a bank, view and organize your customers’ information as well as contact them.
PayPal Here lets you accept multiple forms of payment online or in a physical setting such as a store. The app contains powerful tools to let you manage inventory, invoice, and price items. You can also create reports and add multiple users.

When your money request or invoice is paid:

  1. We'll send you an email notification.
  2. The status of the invoice or money request will change to “Paid” in your transaction history.

The funds will appear in your PayPal balance.

The PayPal Business app lets you manage your business and get paid on the go. Regardless of the size of your business or the kind of PayPal account you have (personal or business), this app could be useful to you. Key features of the app include:
  • Transfer money to a bank account.
  • Create and send invoices.
  • Have easy access to your customers' information as well as contact them by phone, email or text.
  • View transaction details and search for transactions.
  • Issue refunds.
You can download the PayPal Business app from the iOS App Store or Android Play store.
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