Protection for buyers and sellers

No matter how you use PayPal, your security is our top priority. We always keep your financial information private, so you don’t have to share it every time you make a purchase.

You’re also more protected with our latest fraud prevention technology, including 24/7 Account monitoring by a dedicated team of security specialists. Plus, enjoy tips and tools to help fight identity theft and phishing, and an easy and simple process for reporting a problem.

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Protection for buyers and sellers

Buying safely

PayPal’s Buyer Protection makes buying safer. In the unlikely event you have a problem with your eligible order we’ll help make it right.

Protection for unauthorised transactions - You may be eligible to receive protection for unauthorised purchases made with your PayPal Account if you notify us within 60 days of the  incident.

Refunds for incorrect orders - If an eligible doesn’t arrive or doesn’t match the seller’s description, our Buyer Protection will help you recover the full purchase price of the item plus shipping costs.

A responsive support team - Our customer service is here to assist you if a problem arises. We can help you deal with suspicious Account activity, identity theft or phishing concerns, or help resolve a problem with a purchase.

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Selling safely

Selling with PayPal gives you additional levels of protection so you can focus on your business and sell with confidence.

Fraud prevention - PayPal’s technology and security measures keep transaction and financial information safer and more private – anti-fraud risk models, industry recognised Card Security Code requirements to prevent credit card fraud, and extensive use of data encryption. You’ll also be equipped with security tools and tips to avoid identity theft and website/email phishing.

Convenient problem resolution - If you have a problem with a transaction, we’re here to help. Our dedicated Account Managers and customer service can assist you if a buyer files a dispute or claim.

Seller Protection - Our Seller Protection can help reduce your losses due to buyer claims, chargebacks or reversals for unauthorised payments and eligible items not received so you can sell to more places with more confidence.

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Seller Protection

What’s protected?

  • Unauthorised transactions (for example, payments made with stolen credit or debit cards).
  • Item not received claims.

What’s not protected?

  • Local pickups or deliveries made in person.
  • Digital goods, travel tickets, services or other intangible items.
  • Claims for items being significantly different to how you described them.
  • Email payments (but PayPal Invoices are protected).
  • Items that are sent after PayPal has advised the seller not to release the item.
  • Items that are not shipped to the recipient address as stated in the “Transaction Details” page.

How to be eligible

  • Accept payments to your Singapore PayPal Account.
  • Receive payments via PayPal from a buyer’s PayPal Account
  • Receive a single payment from one PayPal Account for the purchase. Partial payments and instalments are not protected.
  • Ship the item to the address specified by the buyer on the Transaction Details page.

Important tip: Use a reputable shipping service that supports proof of shipment or proof of delivery with signature.

You can see if a transaction is eligible for Seller Protection by referring to the Transaction Details page.

For full eligibility requirements, see our Seller Protection Policy

Ship it right

If a buyer makes a claim for an unauthorised transaction, or claims the item was not received for a transaction less than $250 USD, you’ll need to provide proof of shipment.

If the buyer paid $250 USD or more and claims the item was not received, you’ll need to provide proof of delivery with signature confirmation.

Proof of shipment is online or physical documentation from a shipping service that includes:

  • Status of “shipped” (or equivalent) and the date of postage.
  • The recipient’s name and address as shown on the “Transaction Details” page.
  • The sender’s name and address (which must match that on the PayPal Account).
  • Online tracking information showing the status of shipment.

Proof of delivery and signature confirmation is online or physical documentation from a shipping service that includes:

  • A status of “delivered” (or equivalent) and the date of delivery.
  • The recipient’s name and address as shown on the “Transaction Details” page.
  • An indication on the shipping service’s website that the item was signed for on delivery.