Now the only thing you ever have to touch is your own phone

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From paying grocery stores and pharmacies to tipping delivery people and baristas, a PayPal QR code means you don't have to handle cash, credit cards or remember a pin. And it's easy. Just follow the steps below.


Just open the PayPal app and press "Scan". Hold your phone up to the QR code. It's a lot like taking a picture with your camera.


Enter the amount due and press "Send".


The app automatically generates a payment confirmation. Just show it to the cashier to confirm the amount paid is correct and go - touch-free.

Need to sell something? You can now do it through QR code.

PayPal QR codes are incredibly simple to implement. We're even waiving "Goods & Services" seller fees through to 31 December 2020.**

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Frequently Asked Questions

QR code payments will allow you to get paid in person with PayPal just by displaying your QR code for customers to scan using their smart phone. You don't need any additional devices.

Note to consumers
1In order to avail of this functionality users will need: (i) a PayPal account in good standing ; and (ii) the PayPal app on their device. Limits, terms and conditions apply (see PayPal’s User Agreement for details). For buyers, making a payment via QR code works like sending money through the PayPal app. It’s always free for buyers when they select Goods & Services and make a payment to an AU account from an AU account in $AUD. Conversion fees apply when converting currency. PayPal QR code payment functionality does not benefit from PayPal Buyer Protection Policy.

Note to merchants
**For sellers, transaction fees on QR code payments are temporarily waived until 31 December 2020 11.59pm AEST, to help businesses impacted by COVID-19. After that, you’ll pay a fee of 0.90% + $0.10 per transaction when your customers pay you using QR code. Other fees for using the PayPal Services may apply – see fees. PayPal QR code payment functionality does not benefit from PayPal Seller Protection Policy.