Here's how it works

1. Set up your Money Pool for free*

Then share the Money Pool link with your mates via WhatsApp™, email or social media.

2. Invite your friends

Anyone with a PayPal account can chip in.

3. Chip in more securely

PayPal encryption keeps everyone's details safe.

4. Spend the money when you're ready

You can track your target and see who's contributed.

You can use Money Pools for just about anything

Group gifts

Chip in for pressies with friends, work mates or family.

Group Travel

Plan your trip and take the mess out of splitting the cost.

Days out

From weddings to festivals, you name it, a Money Pool makes it simpler.

More reasons to love Money Pools

It's personal

There's plenty of room to share your story on the page, so everyone knows exactly what you're chipping in for.

You can chip in for free*

Setting up a Money Pool is totally free*. And there's no hidden cost for friends chipping in with their PayPal balance, debit card, credit card or bank account.

Fees will apply if there's a currency conversion involved.

It's more secure

Our encryption keeps online transactions guarded from start to finish. So you and your friends can chip in worry-free.

Make the most of your PayPal account.

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All it takes is a few taps to deliver money to PayPal users around the globe.
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Request money

Email, text or post your PayPal.Me link online and get paid straight away.
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Gift money

Our PayPal Digital Gift Cards are a great way to find the perfect gift.
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It's free* and easy to start collecting funds today.

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