Get invoices paid fast with simplified payments and low fees.

The QuickBooks PayPal app makes it easier to accept payments with PayPal. Accept online payments via credit card, debit card or PayPal and access low card payment fees.

Discover QuickBooks with PayPal

Easy online payments for your customers, better cashflow for your business.

Save time and reduce admin

Because Accept Card Payments with PayPal is fully integrated with QuickBooks, invoice payments and associated PayPal fees are automatically recorded.​

Say yes to credit card payments

Let your customers enjoy the benefits of their credit card, while you enjoy low payment fees.

Low fees

Start taking card payments with low transaction fees from just 1.7% + $0.20 per transaction.

Help boost your cashflow with fast payments

Customers can pay your invoices online with their credit card, debit card or their PayPal account, reducing the time from invoice to payment.

Set and forget chasing payments

Schedule automatic reminders to be sent to notify customers of upcoming or overdue invoices.

Keep your payments secure and protected

Your transactions are monitored in real-time to prevent fraud, and we protect your eligible sales with Seller Protection*.

How to connect PayPal to QuickBooks.

Follow these steps or watch the video to get started.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step by Step Instruction Video

“When my invoices have a ‘Review and pay’ button, it makes it so much easier for my customers to pay, which means the money comes in a lot faster. I also have access to lower card transaction fees, which benefits the business over time.”

Taylor Meyerson, Co-Founder, Opulent Construct


For businesses

Toolkit for small businessA free toolkit including banners, social media assets, badges and wording to use on your invoices - all to help you get paid fast.Download the toolkitThe PayPal Business Resource CentreRead insightful articles on running and growing your business and getting the most from your PayPal account.Visit the Business Resource CentreThe PayPal mCommerce IndexGet the latest insights into what Australian consumers expect from their online shopping experiences.Read the mCommerce Index

For advisors

Toolkit for advisorsA free toolkit including an overview of the "Accept Card Payments with PayPal" app.Send a how-to guide to clients on how to add PayPal. Download the toolkit

PayPal fees per transaction

You can benefit from accepting online payments with no upfront costs or subscription fees. PayPal fees for QuickBooks invoices start from just 1.7% + $0.20 per transaction for credit and debit cards.

**All PayPal transaction fees are as per PayPal Australia’s CFSGPDS

PayPal fees per transaction
Credit and debit card (domestic and international)1.7% + $0.20
PayPal account(domestic)2.6% + $0.30**
PayPal account(international)3.6% + $0.30

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up for a PayPal business account within QuickBooks Online when you add the Accept Card Payments with PayPal app.

Discover QuickBooks with PayPal
*Subject to further terms and conditions – see our User Agreement.