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Why PayPal?

  • A payment in a click
    We securely store your shipping and payment details so you can skip the forms at checkout.

  • A safer way to pay friends
    Send money quickly and securely to friends in Australia and overseas. It’s free within Australia when you use your linked bank account or PayPal balance.

  • For everyday purchases
    From Woolworths to Telstra, Uber to Netflix, Menulog to Australia Post, pay quicker with PayPal.

  • Easy to set up
    Pre-integration with shopping carts and accounting software makes setting up to get paid simple.

  • More payment options
    Make and accept payments from MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards, as well as PayPal accounts.

  • More trusted
    With more than 6 million Australian customers and 188 million worldwide, we’re the more trusted way to pay and get paid.

Anywhere, anytime, any device.

With optimised online checkouts, invoicing solutions and mobile card readers, we help you pay and get paid anywhere you are.

How it works for you.

Link your cards and bank accounts to PayPal, then check out faster while keeping your financial information secure.
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Keep your business protected while you get paid faster, discover new buyers around the world, and improve checkout conversion.
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