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Shop securely at thousands of leading online stores. No matter where you’re shopping, merchants never see your financial information when you pay with PayPal. Learn more
Send money to anyone with an email address in 203 markets – free. It’s easy to use your PayPal account to split a bill, send a money gift, and more. Send or request money
Use your bank account to fund PayPal payments instantly and securely. It’s like paying with cash. Link your accounts
Go Mobile with PayPal – use your cell phone to send money and make payments securely while on the go. Activate your phone
Earn rewards with the PayPal Plus Credit Card, earn a competitive return with the PayPal Money Market Fund, access cash fast with PayPal Debit Card, and more. See more
Whether you’re cleaning out your attic, or selling goods or services online, you can use your PayPal account to get paid.
PayPal is built to protect you online. With PayPal, your financial information stays private, helping prevent fraud and identity theft.