Accept PayPal Payments

Help fuel your growth with PayPal

Reach an engaged and loyal network of more than 400 million active accounts looking to pay with PayPal.

Performance that drives results

Attract loyal customers

Offering PayPal as a payment method can help bring more repeat buyers, because 81% of Australians trust in us.1

Acquire more shoppers

We can help your business obtaining more customers, because 74% of Australians are likely to buy from a site that offers PayPal.1

Accelerate checkout

Using 'Pay with PayPal' makes users 2X more likely to purchase from merchant websites when they see our button.2

Drive conversion rates

PayPal can help increase checkout conversion by an average of 47% for merchants.3

Driving growth for Australia's leading businesses

Help maximise conversion throughout the shopping journey

Cart page

Give your customers a better experience by letting them go straight to payment with one click.

Product page

Show an option to use PayPal earlier in the shopping journey to let customers skip ahead when they're ready to buy.

Mobile app

Take advantage of the shift to mobile commerce by displaying the PayPal button in your own app.

Capabilities that help provide security, scalability, and performance

More choice for shoppers can help drive conversion for your business.

Drive conversion by letting your customers use the payment options they prefer.

Pay in 4

Give your customers the flexibility to pay in instalments over time—with no additional cost to your business.

39 %
higher AOV for PayPal Pay Later purchases compared to standard PayPal purchases

PayPal Wallet

Your customers can conveniently pay with their preferred payment methods, all safely stored in one place.

53 %
of surveyed PayPal users cited that they were encouraged to make a purchase on merchant websites using PayPal because it was the simplest way to pay.5

PayPal + Fandango

How PayPal helped Fandango innovate its payments experience

“PayPal has been such a huge part of our success in accepting payments and making a seamless experience for our customers. Anytime I’m asked, I’m always quick to recommend PayPal for the reliability, the ease of use, and just how great a partner they’ve been.” — Mark Young, SVP Global Strategy, Fandango

PayPal + Spokeo

How PayPal helped Spokeo increase demand with a simple integration

14 %
Increase in net-new customers6

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