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Retailers trust Pay in 4 to help them reach new customers, boost sales, and increase customer loyalty. Offer Pay in 4 — with no additional cost or credit risk for your business1

Attract and retain customers

Millions of ready-to-shop customers

69% of Pay in 4 customers are repeat users2

Quick decisions

Rich historical data and advanced risk modeling are used to let customers know in seconds if their application is approved.

Seamless checkout

With just a few lines of code, give customers a fast and easy checkout experience. It’s already included with your PayPal integration.

Dynamic messaging

Present Pay in 4 as your customers browse, shop, and check out to boost sales conversion.

Why businesses trust Pay in 4

90 %
approval rate for Pay Later customers globally3
55 %
Pay Later average order values (AOV) are 55% higher than standard PayPal AOV for large enterprise retailers globally4
35 %
of Pay in 4 purchases made by Pay in 4 customers are at the same merchant5
net promoter score (NPS) of Global Pay Later6

Flexible payments for your customers

How Pay in 4 works for your customers

Our all-in-one checkout solution lets you offer PayPal, Pay in 4 and more to help maximise conversion.

  • Short-term option that lets customers pay in four, interest-free instalments1

  • For purchases that range from AUD $30 to $2,000.

  • No sign up fees and no late fees for consumers.

Show customers Pay in 4 offers

Turn browsers into buyers with dynamic messages throughout the shopping journey.

Customers choose Pay in 4

They can apply for Pay in 4, which may involve a credit check.

They review their payment schedule

If approved, the first of four interest-free payments is paid at purchase. The remaining three payments will be made every two weeks following.

We make it easy to track payments

Customers can make a payment and review plan details at any time in the PayPal app.

PayPal is #1 in a Consumer Reports analysis for privacy, transparency, and security.7

PayPal Pay Later pays off for all types of businesses

Large enterprises that offer Pay Later in the US enjoy higher average order values (AOV) than standard PayPal AOV.8

Pay Later option

Compare Pay Later options
Pay in 4
Purchase amount

$30 to $2,000

Number of payments 4 interest-free payments
Time between payments Fortnightly (1 down payment & 3 further payments)
Annual Percentage Rate 0%
Repayment method Debit card, credit card, or confirmed bank account
Purchase Protection9 Included
Sign-up and late fees None
Automatic payments Set-up at the time of purchase. Customers can manage repayments through the PayPal app or online

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