PayPal Commerce Platform

Make payments

Cash flow is the lifeblood of business. That’s why the PayPal Commerce Platform provides fast access to funds. You can move money from your PayPal business account to your bank, send funds to other PayPal users and pay for goods or services online with your credit card, debit card or PayPal account balance.

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Send money

Keep your business moving. Simply send payments directly from your PayPal business account to contractors or vendors that have a PayPal account.


Send payments to businesses in 96 countries and 24 currencies. It’s easy to setup payouts to multiple people and places at the same time. Plus, you can send payments in different currencies—PayPal handles the conversion for you.

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Built for businesses of all sizes

From small businesses, eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, enterprises, or developers, PayPal Commerce Platform offers diverse tools to enable growth.

Businesses Get up and running quickly with ​a simple setup and sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools. All designed to give your business more time to expand online, in-person and around the world.

Enterprises The platform provides innovative payment options and a competitive edge to help enable growth. It’s a comprehensive, flexible and secure solution.

Platforms & Marketplaces Our partnerships with leading solution providers let us offer easy-to-implement payment solutions that both platforms and marketplaces can bring to their merchants.

Developers PayPal is an easy way to integrate today’s most popular payment methods. And we make it simple to add new payment methods whenever they become available. Explore our complete set of developer docs and resources to help you learn, experiment, test and integrate.