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We have ways for everyone to get paid easily - retailers, freelancers, contractors and more.

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Do business without boundaries

Accept payments from 200+ markets with a single account.

Get paid without a website

Make it easy for customers all over the world to pay you for your contracted or freelance work. You don’t need a website and won’t pay any monthly fees.

Get added protection

Give your business additional checks from fraud and help minimise claims and chargebacks.

Share a clickable link

Give customers a way to place orders or book your services with the click of a link. PayPal.Me helps you get paid fast and assures customers that their payment is secure.
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Send a payment request to anyone

Whether it’s for a job you did or an item you sold, with PayPal, all you need is your customer’s email address to request a payment.
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Set up subscription payments

Give customers a recurring payment or subscription option. It’s easy to set up and we manage billing and communication with your customers.
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Learn about the other ways PayPal can help you get paid, like accepting payments online, and selling on marketplaces.

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