Getting your FIRC is now cheaper and simpler

Now, request for your Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate via email and pay the fee online. Also, enjoy 50% lower FIRC fee.

Now, request for your Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate via email and pay the fee online. Also, enjoy 50% lower FIRC fee.

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Proof of foreign inward remittances.

A Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) is a document that acts as a testimonial for all inward remittances and payments received in India from abroad. Most statutory authorities accept this document as proof that an individual or a business, such as a limited company, partnership firm, sole proprietorship firm and others, has received a payment in foreign currency from outside the country.

As a merchant or a freelancer who receives international payments from customers, the Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate/ Advice (FIRC) is an important document to have. At PayPal, we’ve simplified the process of requesting an FIRC so that you can devote more time to growing your business. All you need to do is send an email request and furnish a few details to get started. It's time to skip the queue at your bank branch and go digital. You may choose either of the following processes mentioned below to request for FIRC:

Electronic Request & Payment

For electronic request and payment of FIRC, please follow the steps mentioned below :

  1. Send an email request to the Citibank FIRC team at mark the beneficiary bank’s Relationship Manager /Trade Desk/Branch email id in Cc (The email id being marked in Cc has to be the bank’s domain email id ).

    Please note that the request Email has to be sent from your company domain in case of an enterprise for which FIRC is being sought. If you are requesting for FIRC as an individual who has received international payments, the request can be made from your personal email id.

  2. The completed FIRC Request Letter with inward single /multiple transactions received needs to be duly filled in and sent as an attachment with your email. To view the sample Request letter format, click here
  3. Make NEFT payment for FIRC charges( inclusive of GST) to:
    • Citibank A/c name: PayPal Charges Citibank Transit account
    • A/c No: 8429847
    • IFSC CODE: CITI0100000
    • Branch: Mumbai
  4. Citibank team will verify the details and confirm receipt of the correct FIRC charges basis UTR reference mentioned in the request letter. UTR is the Unique Transaction Reference number generated for NEFT transaction.
  5. Citibank will print and dispatch the advice to the Beneficiary bank address.
  6. Collect your FIRC advice/certificate from your respective bank.
Demand Draft based request & payment

For Demand Draft based request for FIRC / Advice, kindly follow the steps mentioned below :

Contact the bank where your PayPal withdrawals are credited to request a FIRC along with a letter addressed to Citibank with the following information:

  • Unique Transaction Reference number (UTR)
  • Customer name
  • Account number
  • Amount of money
  • Date and purpose of the payment

We recommend that the letter also mention that the payment was received through PayPal. You can refer to a sample request letter here. Please also inform your bank of the postal address you want the certificate(s) to be delivered to.

Questions and Answers

To which account do I need to make the NEFT payment to, for the FIRC request to CITI?

Make NEFT payment for FIRC charges inclusive of GST to:
  • Citibank A/c name: PayPal Charges Citibank Transit account
  • A/c No: 8429847
  • IFSC CODE: CITI0100000
  • Branch: Mumbai

What are the charges associated with FIRC?

  • For requests up to 20 transactions, FIRC/ Advice will be priced on a per transaction basis: 100 INR + 18% GST
  • For requests more than 20 transactions, Citibank will issue a bulk FIRC/ Advice and will be priced at 2,000 INR + 18%

After making the NEFT payment, what email ID do I have to send the FIRC request to?

  • FIRC request to be sent to Citibank FIRC team at
  • Email needs to be sent from company domain in case beneficiary is an enterprise, while it is ok to send from individual ID in case of non-enterprise.

Do I need to inform my bank or my RM while applying?

Yes, in the email you send to Citibank please include in Cc – beneficiary’s bank email id of Relationship Manager or Trade Desk or Branch email id. Please note it has to be the bank domain email id.

What documents do I need to attach with my email?

Attach the completed FIRC Request Letter. If you need more space to mention additional transactions, please include them in additional rows in the same template. Also indicate the payment by NEFT in your email.

How long  does it take to get the FIRC once I apply?

  • For Citibank account holders, it should normally take 3-5 business days and in case of bulk issuance, it can take up to 10 business days from the time completed request is accepted by Citibank.
  • For non-Citibank account holders, it may take 7-10 business days.
Please note that the duration mentioned is the processing period and does not include the time taken to ship the documents from your bank to Citibank and back.

How will the FIRC get delivered to me?

The FIRC will be delivered to your beneficiary bank address which you will mention in the FIRC request letter you send to Citibank.

Can the FIRC be sent to my address directly?

  • For electronic requests, the FIRC will be sent to your beneficiary bank address only. You can collect the FIRC from your beneficiary bank.
  • For DD-based requests, the FIRC will be sent to the address mentioned on the request form.

If I have to apply a FIRC only for one PayPal  transaction out of many txn in a day, can that be done? How can that be done?

The FIRC is provided as per the UTR number for your transactions. UTR may contain one or several PayPal transactions.

What is a Unique Transaction Reference number and how can I find it?

UTR stands for ‘unique transaction reference’.
  • UTR number can be found on your bank statement beside each payment from PayPal. In the example below the reference number for the deposit from the sample PayPal credit of INR 151.49 is CITIN12198884488
  • Figure: Sample image of PayPal credit with n-EFT reference number (UTR number) in bank statement

Who pays this FIRC fee?

You (the merchant) will need to pay the FIRC fee.

The current FIRC/Advice format is not accepted by my bank. What should be done in such a scenario?

The FIRC/Advice format issued by Citibank is compliant with the OPGSP guidelines of RBI dated 2015 & other associated guidelines. You may request your bank to refer to these guidelines.