I have a problem with a purchase I made via PayPal. How do I open a dispute?

When you have any concern with your purchase, we recommend that you always contact the seller directly first. This is often the faster and easier way to clear a misunderstanding and resolve a small issue.

If the item you ordered online doesn’t arrive or is significantly different from the seller’s item description, you can file a dispute in the Resolution Centre within 180 days of purchase. You'll be able to communicate with the seller and request for a refund through PayPal’s platform.

Here's how to file a dispute:

  1. Go to Resolution Centre.
  2. Click Report a problem.
  3. Select the transaction ID you want to dispute and click Continue.
  4. Select "I didn’t receive an item I purchased or the item I received was significantly not as described", then click Continue.
  5. Follow the instructions. 
If you still can’t reach a resolution with your seller, you can escalate the dispute to a claim within 20 days of the date the dispute was opened. We’ll then investigate the case and decide the outcome based on the evidence provided.

Here’s how to escalate your dispute to a claim:
  1. Go to Resolution Centre.
  2. Click View under “Action” next to your case.
  3. Click Escalate to PayPal.
  4. Follow the instructions to escalate the dispute to a claim.
If you meet the requirements of PayPal Buyer Protection in Australia, we’ll reimburse you for the full purchase price of the item plus the original shipping costs.