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How do I test the PayPal Account Optional feature in the Sandbox?

To test an account that has PayPal's Account Optional feature turned on, you must have a Business (seller) account in the Sandbox. If you don't have a Sandbox test account, visit the PayPal Developer Portal to create one.

Once you've created the account, follow these steps:
  1. Initiate the checkout process by clicking your PayPal button or completing the third-party checkout on your site. If your checkout isn't already configured for the Sandbox, enable your shopping cart for test mode.
Note: You'll see one of two checkout pages, depending on whether you have login cookies stored on your machine. If you don't have a login cookie, the page will request credit card information immediately. If you do have a login cookie, you'll see a login option on the right and a Continue link on the left. Click Continue to get to the credit card information entry page.
  1. Click Add a Card and enter your dummy credit card information with the following requirements:
  • The first and last names must contain letters only.
  • The address must have a valid city, state, and ZIP code.
  • The expiration date must be the current date or a future month and year.
  • The CSC or CVV can be any three-digit number.
  • To create multiple test credit card numbers, see the generator listed on How do I create an additional credit card number for a Sandbox account?
  1. Click Review Order and Continue.
  2. Select Pay on the Make Your Payment page to complete the test.
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