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What is PayPal Working Capital?

What is PayPal Working Capital?
PayPal Working Capital gives merchants access to the capital they need. It’s faster and easier than traditional loans and is available to select businesses that already process payments through PayPal. If your business qualifies, apply today and we'll customise a special offer for you.

How does PayPal Working Capital work?
It's easy to gain quick access to funds to help grow your business with PayPal Working Capital. Simply:
  • Select the amount you'd like to receive for your business. Your maximum loan amount can be up to 18% of your PayPal sales over the past 12 months, up to a maximum of $97,000.
  • Choose the portion (repayment percentage) of your future PayPal sales that will go towards the repayment of your loan and fixed fee.
  • Receive the funds straight away into your PayPal account. You can withdraw it to your bank account or spend it online.
  • Your repayments will be taken from your future sales until your loan plus fixed fee are repaid. You can also make one-off repayments without penalty.
Who can apply for PayPal Working Capital?
Businesses that have held a PayPal business account for at least 3 months, processed at least $20,000 in sales and kept their account in good standing are eligible to apply for PayPal Working Capital.

How do I apply for PayPal Working Capital?
To apply for a business loan, visit the PayPal Working Capital website, then:
  1. Log in to your PayPal account to begin.
  2. Confirm information about your business.
  3. Select your loan amount and a repayment percentage.
  4. Accept the loan agreement.
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