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Nov 11 2022 | PayPal editorial staff | 3 min read

With more and more businesses selling online, it’s important to stay on top of your site and continually refine it to find and convert new buyers and grow customer loyalty.

One way that you could help increase the percentage of site browsers that turn into customers is by improving your payment solution and highlighting that you accept PayPal. Here’s some ideas how:

1. Choose PayPal Checkout

With PayPal Checkout, your customers can check out in as little as 3 clicks. And when they’ve opted to stay logged in, it’s even faster. PayPal Checkout is proven to help lower checkout abandonment and increase conversion rates by up to 82%.*

2. Include purchase details in the checkout

To keep customers confident of their purchase throughout checkout, show the details of the products they’re buying in every step of the checkout, including the PayPal checkout. If you’re using a shopping cart, check in the settings for the ability to transfer shopping cart details.

3. Customise your checkout

Improve your brand consistency and deliver a professional look by adding your logo and customising the colour scheme of your checkout pages. It’s a great way to improve customer confidence.

In your PayPal business account, you can add a new page style to add your logo and a header image and enter HTML hex codes to specify different colours for your cart area gradient, header background, header border and page background.

4. Use Shopper Insights

Shopper Insights gives you data into the behaviour of PayPal shoppers on your website. You’ll receive reports about their purchasing activity, get insights into trends and more easily identify opportunities for improving your site performance. You can also see how your site performs against other businesses in your industry.

5. Add Smart Incentives banners

Smart Incentives is designed to convert more customers by displaying the right message at the right time on your website. The banners are optimised to suit your site and your shoppers’ devices, and promote faster checkout, PayPal’s Refunded Returns and PayPal’s Buyer Protection to increase customer confidence.

When choosing which Smart Incentives to display, click Preview to customise the message look and feel. Any updates to these banners will be automatically implemented on your site.

6. Add PayPal logos to your website

Millions of customers around the world prefer to pay with PayPal. By featuring PayPal logos in your website footer and on product pages, you’re showing them that they can pay the way they want to – simply and securely. It’s a smart way to go, with 47% of businesses who feature the PayPal logo on their product pages saying they’ve seen an increase in sales.**
Website technology, user experiences and customer expectations are always moving. To make sure you meet your customers needs, always keep a close eye on your website analytics (through your eCommerce platform or Google Analytics, for example), stay abreast of updates in the industry and what your competitors are doing, and put aside time and budget for continual upgrades and improvements.
*comScore online panel, Q4 2017
**PayPal Sales Conversion Survey, March 2014.

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