6 important settings for your PayPal business account

Aug 29 2019 | PayPal editorial staff | 3 min read

From notification preferences to communicating with customers, here are our six key features to set up on your PayPal business account to keep everything running smoothly.

1. Your logo

When you add your logo to your PayPal account, we can use it to help your customers identify your business on their transaction history and in messages you send to them through PayPal. It will also appear on any invoices you send, and on your PayPal.Me page.

To upload your logo, just head to Settings > Business information and click Update beside “Business information” near the bottom of the page. On the new page, simply click Add your logo and find and upload the file.

2. Card statement name

While you’re uploading your logo, you can also set up your credit card statement name. This is one of the most important features of your PayPal account as it helps your customers identify transactions on credit and debit card statements. If they can’t identify a payment, they’re more likely to file a chargeback or lodge a dispute which costs your business time and money.

On the business information page, click Edit in the “Your business information” box and enter your new card statement name. Make sure it’s quickly and easily identifiable as your business.

3. Customer service message

In your Settings > Selling tools, you can create a customer service message that appears to customers when they file a dispute. You can update the message at any time so it’s a great way to highlight any delays in shipping due to bushfires, floods or any other reason. Alternatively, you can use this field to set expectations with customers around your response time (remember, you must respond quickly to avoid automatic loss of the dispute) and how your business responds to customer complaints and concerns.

4. Multiple users

To share the workload, you can add multiple users to your PayPal business account, setting up their own login and passwords. To do this, head to Settings > Account settings and click Get started beside “Manage users”, then Add User. Enter your colleague’s details then choose what level of access they should have to the account.

If you assign “Accounting” permissions to your users, we’ll need to verify their identity to ensure your money stays safe. We’ll kick this process off automatically and you can provide any required documents in the Resolution Centre.

5. Your promotions

When you run a promotion, you can see a sudden increase in the number and value of payments your business receives. This kind of sudden change causes our risk alarm bells to go off, and sometimes we may hold some payments until we’re able to identify what’s going on.

To help prevent payment holds and ensure continual access to your funds, give us a heads up of any promotions you have planned. You can do this by going to Settings > Account settings and clicking Details beside “My upcoming promotions”.

6. Your notification preferences

We’ll always email you when you send money or update your account information so you have an email record and can confirm the payment or change was authorised. We’ll also always tell you about updates to our legal agreements. But if you’re receiving hundreds of payments every day, you probably don’t want an email every time you get paid.

To manage your notification settings, head to your Settings > Account settings and click Update beside “Notifications”. Here you can also elect to send automatic emails to your secondary users about changes you make to your account.
For more help setting up your PayPal business account, check out our Help Centre. It’s the go-to place for everything how-to at PayPal.
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Frequently asked questions.

If you have your own website, here are the payment solutions we offer:

Website Payments Standard

You can simply add PayPal payment button code to your website. When your buyers click on the buttons, they’ll be directed to PayPal’s payment page to pay you.
  • If you need a shopping cart: Choose a shopping cart that's already integrated with PayPal, or add our 'Add to Cart' button to your website.
  • If you already have a shopping cart: For PayPal-compatible carts, select PayPal as your online payment service. If you have a custom-built cart, add PayPal by cutting and pasting HTML code into your checkout.

Express Checkout

An API-based solution that simplifies your buyers' shopping experience, and keeps them engaged on your webpage or mobile app throughout the entire checkout flow. View our integration guide.

Both payment solutions have no setup or monthly fees, and the transactions eligible for our Seller and Buyer Protection policies are safeguarded by PayPal. You're only charged a fee when receiving a payment.

For technical support on implementing the payment solutions, please visit our dedicated Merchant Integration Tech Support Community and PayPal Developer Centre.

To change the name of your business:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select "Account Settings".
  3. Below "Business Profile", click Business Information.
  4. Next to 'Business Information', click Update.
  5. Near the top right, click Edit.
  6. In the "Business Name" field, change the name.
  7. Click Save.
You must be able to verify the legal name change of the business. If it’s a new business, create a new PayPal business account rather than updating the business name on an existing account.

To transfer money to your bank, the new business name on your PayPal account must match the name registered on your bank account.
All eligible Australian charities are automatically listed in the PayPal Giving Fund directory. Eligible charities with verified PayPal business accounts can access the PayPal Giving Fund dashboard to see donation details and update their profile information.

If you’d like access to the PayPal Giving Fund dashboard, you can contact us to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements before you sign up for and verify a PayPal business account for your charity.

Feel free to explore our site or get your questions answered on our PayPal Giving Fund FAQs page. It generally takes 3 business days to process your PayPal Confirmed Charities registration.

When you use PayPal at the register, the payment will be taken from the preferred payment method you set up in your Payment Preferences and the default funding methods – pulling from your balance first, then PayPal Credit®, bank account, or card on file. With PayPal in stores, you have flexibility to choose which way you want to pay.

You can manage your payment preferences for online checkout in Settings.

To change your payment preferences for PayPal in-store checkout:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select "Account Settings".
  3. Below '"Business Profile", click Money, banks and cards.
  4. Next to "In-store purchases", click Set.
  5. Assign your preferred and backup payment method.

If you have a business account, you can only change your In-store checkout settings through the PayPal app on your iPhone or Android phone. Simply tap Settings in the app and choose how you want to pay. If you have a PayPal Payment card, tap Wallet to turn it on or off.

How do I change my In-Store PIN?

To create or change your PIN:

  1. Go to Account settings.
  2. Below '"Business Profile", click Money, banks and cards.
  3. Next to "In-store purchases", click Update.
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