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Who can enrol with PayPal Giving Fund?

Any UK charity with a confirmed charity account with PayPal can enrol with us. You’ll need to meet PayPal’s requirements, including registering with a UK charity regulator.

Once enrolled, you’ll be able to take part in eBay for Charity, Humble Bundle and other giving programmes and campaigns powered by PayPal Giving Fund.

Accessing and using your dashboard

How do I log in to PayPal Giving Fund?

Log in to your PayPal Giving Fund dashboard using your charity’s PayPal business account. You’ll find the Log In button at the top of this page.

Donations and payments

When and how will my charity get paid?

We distribute donations to charities at the end of each month, by depositing a single payment into each charity’s PayPal account.

Donations received up to the 15th of the current month are distributed at the end of the current month. We accumulate funds over the month to help reduce charities’ donation administrative costs. It also means we can account for any donor-reclaimed refunds and eliminates the need for charities to manage refunds or chargebacks directly with the donors.

We file for Gift Aid with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) after delivering the original donation to the charity. Occasionally, due to HMRC backlogs, there may be a delay in receiving Gift Aid. Typically, we pass on Gift Aid the month after we pass on the original donation. We pass on to the charity all Gift Aid, without deduction.

If a donation has been made to benefit a charity not currently enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, we will invite the charity to enrol with PayPal Giving Fund. This will enable the charity to receive funds quickly and securely, to review donor details (where these are shared), to make additional information about the charity available to supporters, and to participate in additional PayPal Giving Fund programmes. If the charity does not enrol with PayPal Giving Fund, we endeavour to deliver the grant funds by other appropriate means, in accordance with our Donation Delivery Policy.

Our Programmes

What’s the difference between donations made through the PayPal Donate button and PayPal Giving Fund?

PayPal Giving Fund donations are funds raised through the giving programmes powered by PayPal Giving Fund on PayPal, eBay, Humble Bundle and other platforms. PayPal Giving Fund receives all donations made on these platforms and regrants them to charities according to our Donation Delivery Policy. If donors have chosen to share their information with the charity they support, this is available to charities when they log in to PayPal Giving Fund.

By contrast, the PayPal Donate button enables charities to receive donations on their own websites. Donations received through the PayPal Donate button go directly into the charity’s PayPal account and are subject to PayPal’s reduced charity transaction fee. Learn more.

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