9 facts about UK mobile shoppers

Sep 06 2022 | PayPal Editorial Team

Mobile is the device of choice for British consumers. In fact, total UK retail sales for mobile commerce are estimated to reach over £49 billion in 2019. Are you sure you’re getting your share?
Three-quarters of all online time is now spent on a mobile device. Four in 10 UK shoppers purchase at least weekly on their phones, but 6 in 10 are disappointed in the experience they get from small business. Our infographic illustrates 9 key facts about UK mobile commerce:

Our Mobile Commerce Report: What shoppers want

Our latest research report (our third annual look at mobile shopping) explores the growing expectation gap between what shoppers want and what many small businesses offer. In it, you’ll find useful data and insights along with tips to help you meet the market’s changing expectations.

[1] Unless otherwise stated, all data in this article comes from the PayPal Mobile Commerce research report - What shoppers want: Fixing the mobile expectation gap.
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[1] eMarketer (2017), UK Retail and Ecommerce: eMarketer's Updated Estimates and Forecast for 2016–2021

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