Get paid for a job well done.

Job done? Simply send a payment request. We make it easy for your client to pay you, even if they’ve never met you.

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3 easy ways to get paid.

We make it easy for your clients to pay you – and for you to get paid.

Your personalized link to get paid internationally

PayPal.Me is your personalized link to get paid online. Create your PayPal.Me business link and share with your customers on chat or social app to get paid faster.

Professional invoices

Can’t get paid without a formal invoice? Create professional invoices to bill your clients and track payments easily through PayPal.

Email payments

Done with a job? Simply send an email payment request via your PayPal business account to your client to get paid.

PayPal opens up more opportunities for you.

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Simple pricing with no monthly fee.

No matter which payment method your customers choose, the same low rates apply.

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It's never been this easy to be your own boss.

Your clients trust us

When your clients see you accept PayPal, they know it’s the more secure way to pay. With over 218m active customer accounts, PayPal is the most widely accepted global payment solution for customers and top freelancer marketplaces.

Get direct and immediate payments

With three easy ways to get paid, it's easy for your customer to pay you. Plus, you'll receive the money faster in your account.

Accept international projects and get paid faster

Receive payments in over 26 currencies, and access your money easily with automatic withdrawals into your bank account.

Safeguard your payments

We safeguard eligible sales against fraudulent claims and chargebacks with PayPal Seller Protection, so you can focus on delivering your service.