How do I send a payment request or invoice through PayPal?

You can send a payment request or invoice to anyone who has an email address. When the payment request or invoice is paid, the funds are added to your PayPal account balance.

Send a payment request

  1. Click Request from friends or customers.
  2. Enter your recipient's email address, and click Next.
  3. Enter amount of the payment, and add a note (optional).
  4. Click Request Payments.
You can request money from more than one person at a time. Just enter their email addresses, separated by commas.

Send an invoice
  1. Click Create invoice.
  2. Select a template you want to use from the dropdown menu. If this is your first time creating an invoice, select Create a new template.
  3. Enter your information, the customer’s information, and the details of the payment.
  4. Click Save template for future use, and then click Send.

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