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Future fundraising opportunities with PayPal

PayPal makes it easy for its network of more than 190 million users to find and support your organisation, at home or on the go. Giving opportunities embedded in the PayPal customer experience are enhanced by seasonal campaigns and promotions that help forge new connections and inspire people to give more, and more often.

eBay for Charity

eBay for Charity can help you raise funds and boost your profile with 17 million unique monthly visitors in the UK, and more than 100 million worldwide. Supporters can donate a percentage of each sale to your charity, or add a donation to purchases during checkout. Charities can also list items for sale, benefiting from extra marketing and eBay fee credits.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a leading retailer of digital games and eBooks that offers its customers the opportunity to support your charity with every purchase they make. Through an innovative "pay what you want" pricing model, customers can choose not only what they want to pay but also what portion of that purchase is donated to your charity.

We connect your cause with eBay Inc. customers so you can do more good.

1. Charities enrol

Charities enrol in PayPal Giving fund to gain access to more than 100+ million potential donors.

2. Donors give

Donors contribute to their favourite causes through giving on PayPal, eBay, Humble Bundle and GoFundMe.

3. We collect

Leveraging PayPal's world-class security, we collect donations and Gift Aid.

4. We deliver donations

We deliver those donations to the enrolled charities. Enrolled charities can view their donations and supporters on the PayPal Giving Fund site. PayPal Giving Fund charges no fees to charities for its own services. In some cases our ecommerce partners may choose to charge fees on donations made through their platforms, which they will disclose to you.

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We support all kinds of charities by raising new funds through technology.

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