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for QuickBooks
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System Requirements:

QuickBooks: 2002 and above, Pro/Premier version

Outlook/Outlook Express: 2000 and above

Windows: 2000 and above


Free email invoicing with PayPal

With the free payment request wizard, you can easily insert a PayPal payment button in e-mail versions of your QuickBooks invoices and estimates. Anyone with an email address in the growing list of countries and regions that accept PayPal can pay you instantly.

All the benefits of PayPal + QuickBooksl
  • You integrate your QuickBooks invoice data into your emails.
  • You avoid extra invoicing paperwork.
  • Customers finish payments on PayPal’s secure website.
  • You track payments on PayPal’s site.
  • You don’t need a website of your own.

Disclaimer: PayPal fully supports the payment wizard for Outlook but does not support Outlook itself. PayPal does not provide support for the installation, set up, or use of non-PayPal products. If you need support for Outlook, contact Microsoft directly.