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for QuickBooks
(14.5 MB .exe file)

System Requirements:

QuickBooks: 2002 and above, Pro/Premier version

Outlook/Outlook Express: 2000 and above

Windows: 2000 and above

How It Works

  1. You create, then save a QuickBooks invoice or estimate as you normally would.
  2. You click the Payment Request Wizard button in the QuickBooks toolbar.
  3. You follow the instructions provided by the wizard to generate your email invoice/estimate, then send it.

    Note:As part of the wizard’s normal operation, you will see a message during your first use indicating that the wizard is attempting to access the QuickBooks database. You must always allow the wizard access, so it works properly.

  4. Your customer receives and opens the message, then clicks on the payment button, which takes to customer to PayPal.
  5. The customer finishes the payment.
  6. PayPal sends you a payment notification and records the payment in your PayPal transaction history.