2022 PayPal Borderless Commerce Report

Set your sights
on global growth

Discover key cross-border opportunities that are waiting for you with unique insights into 14 markets around the world in our 2022 PayPal Borderless Commerce Report.

The time to start selling cross-border is now

Cross-border shopping is on the rise, make sure your business is poised to take advantage of this opportunity.

Cross-border businesses are taking the spotlight

2 in 5

Shoppers are looking beyond their borders


Businesses have a great opportunity


Get to know key behavioural shifts

Shoppers around the globe are changing how they shop, what they buy, and why they make those purchases. Dive into the report for more details on how your business can capitalise on these shifts.

Comfort with cross-border shopping is on the rise

42% of shoppers are now more comfortable with cross-border shopping1.

Brand values are top of mind

3 in 5 online shoppers are willing to pay more for brands they feel are socially responsible1.

Price makes all the difference

77% of online shoppers are now worried about increasing prices1.

People prefer innovative ways to shop

46% of global online shoppers are more likely to buy from a business that offers innovative virtual or digital experiences1.

Preferred payments options drive confidence

38% of cross-border shoppers say they are more confident shopping internationally when their preferred payment option is offered1.

Shoppers are spending on shared experiences

57% of surveyed online shoppers have spent more on products they can enjoy together with friends and family1.

Get the insights you need to go global.

Download our 2022 PayPal Borderless Commerce Report and Cross-Border Commerce Playbook. Together, you’ll have the tools to inform and build your cross-border expansion.

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1 PayPal commissioned Ipsos PayPal Cross-border Insights 2022. n=14,000, 14 markets. Online survey of adults (aged 18+ who have purchased online in the past 3 months) between December 2021–January 2022.

2 Statista, Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2025, February 2022.