Your account is in your hands.

PayPal is accepted on millions of mobile sites and apps, just like on your computer. It's the safer and simpler way to pay on the go. Log in with your mobile number and PIN and check out in seconds.

Activate Your Mobile PIN

Activate your mobile number and PIN as your mobile login.


Shop wherever you are, on mobile sites or in apps.


Pay without reaching for your wallet or entering your information.

An app for the everyday.

We're integrated into thousands of iOS and Android apps. Shop on the go, pay on your smartphone and tablet just like on your computer.

Tap into all your money.

Put your cards and balance in one place. Once you link them to your PayPal account, you can select how you want to pay.

Have the whole shop to yourself.

Think of it as a pocket-sized mall, and you're the only customer. Let your fingers do the shopping and race through checkout on millions of mobile websites.

Mobile protection.

When you’re shopping on your mobile, your eligible purchases are protected, just like on your computer. If you suspect any unauthorised activity on your account, report it.

Spend without expending.

When you're away from your computer, you can pay just as easily and even faster with PayPal. Your phone number and PIN will let you pay on any mobile device.


58% of smartphone owners have used them to pay.

Pay through the app, not through the nose.

Buying is free within Singapore. A small currency conversion fee may apply when you buy overseas.
More about fees

Access your account on the go.

Tap Into Your Money

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