A partnership for success.

Expand into the global market.

As a PayPal Partner, both your client and your business can reach over 180 million PayPal users worldwide, vastly increasing sales potential.

Access to marketing opportunities.

Acquire new clients through PayPal Promotional opportunities, and leverage our marketing tools and resources to help scale your business.

Comprehensive technical support.

The PayPal Developer Portal provides detailed documentation, guides and SDKs to help you build your PayPal solutions, and you can always contact our dedicated team of PayPal technical experts for assistance.

Powering payments for partners around the world.

Our partners create innovative platforms for merchants that trust PayPal to process their payments.

Frequently asked questions.

What is the PayPal Partner Program?

The PayPal Partner Program is a free membership program available to eligible business solution providers that enable PayPal as a payment method for their merchants. It’s designed to strengthen our relationship with you by opening your business up to more merchants that trust PayPal and providing marketing benefits to you.

How would being a PayPal partner benefit my business?

It’ll help accelerate your business growth in three ways :
  • Increase the appeal of business to millions of merchants who already trust and accept PayPal. They, in turn, have the potential to increase their revenue by tapping in to over 180 million active PayPal customers around the world.
  • Acquire new clients through PayPal promotional opportunities, and leverage our marketing tools and resources to help scale your business.
  • Receive integration and ongoing support from a dedicated service team. Get started by contacting a Partner Expert

What types of organisations are PayPal partners?

PayPal partners are B2B businesses that offer PayPal solutions to their merchants. We work with shopping carts, marketplaces, billing platforms, POS partners, accounting software providers, web and mobile developers, system integrators and many more.

Am I eligible to be a PayPal partner?

Please contact a partner specialist to discuss your eligibility.

Will PayPal provide integration support?

Once you’ve registered and been approved to join the Partner Program, you’ll have access to helpful integration documentation and developer forums. You may also receive support from an integration manager who can help you complete certification.

I do business outside South East Asia too. Do I need to join the Partner Program in each country?

That depends on the countries in which you do business. We have partner specialists in a variety of countries focused on specific regional needs.

It’s free to join our Partner Program.
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