How do I get my funds back for a PayPal payment?

If you sent a payment but it remains pending, you can cancel it on your Activity page if you see the cancel button. If the payment isn’t claimed by the recipient within 30 days, it'll automatically be refunded to you.

If you purchased an item but you haven't received it or it's not as described, or you noticed an unauthorised payment, you can file a case in our Resolution Centre to start the process of getting your funds back.

If you had paid a merchant/company but changed your mind later, you’ll need to contact the seller and ask them to cancel your purchase. If the payment is completed, please ask about their return policy or request a refund. Here's how to find the seller's contact information:

  1. Click Activity at the top of the page.
  2. Click the transaction in your list of recent transactions.
  3. On the "Transaction Details" page, you’ll see the seller’s name, email address, and customer service phone number (if available).