From travel to toy stores, we’ll keep your business safer.

Whatever you sell, PayPal Seller Protection is here to keep you safer from fraudulent claims.

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If a buyer files a claim, chargeback or payment reversal, we’ll place a temporary hold on the funds.


We’ll ask you to provide information including proof of shipment or proof of delivery and investigate the matter.


You’ll receive the money once we have ascertained that your transaction is eligible.

“We are delighted that PayPal Seller Protection is now covering intangibles, including the travel category. This enhancement provides greater assurance that we have a partner in PayPal that protects us against fraudulent claims and chargebacks. With less to worry about, we can focus more on delighting our customers. This gives us great confidence in accepting PayPal for bookings.”

Lisa Yeo, Senior VP Group Operations, Asia Travel

Seller Protection now covers even more transaction types.

If your business deals in eligible intangible items such as travel, events or services (excluding digital goods) you’re now protected under our PayPal Seller Protection for unauthorized transactions. If a fraudulent claim is made, simply provide proof that the order was fulfilled (and any other information we request) and we’ll pay you the full amount of the eligible payment.

Frequently asked questions about Seller Protection on intangible goods

Ship it right.

We recommend using a shipping or courier service that supports tracking online. If a buyer makes a claim for an unauthorised transaction, provide us with a proof of shipment. If a buyer claims that an item was not received, show us the proof of shipment with tracking, or proof of delivery and signature confirmation.

What’s not covered?

  • Pickups or deliveries made in person.
  • Digital goods such as music or computer game downloads.
  • Claims or chargebacks arising from items being significantly different to how you described them.
  • Direct card payments not made through a PayPal account.
  • Items that are sent after PayPal has advised the Seller not to release the item.

See User Agreement for the full terms

We do the guard part.

Every year we securely process billions of transactions for more than million active accounts around the world. From fraud protection to 24-hour account monitoring and advanced encryption, protecting your business is serious business to us. And the best part, your customers are protected too.