Win more clients as a PayPal Partner.

Become a PayPal partner when you offer PayPal payment solutions to your clients and accelerate your business growth.

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Don’t have a PayPal account? Sign Up for Free.

Become a PayPal partner when you offer PayPal payment solutions to your clients and accelerate your business growth.

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Don’t have a PayPal account? Sign Up for Free.

Your benefits as a PayPal Partner.

Integration and technical support to help build your solution.

Offer your customers the best payment experience when we help you integrate PayPal into your ecommerce platform.

Revenue sharing to increase your profits.

Enjoy profit sharing if your sales volume is large enough. To learn more about how this works, just contact us.

Marketing opportunities to grow your business.

You can take advantage of PayPal marketing tools and opportunities to reach your audience.

“Our partnership with PayPal has helped us work with SME’s to overcome their biggest challenge of handling payments. At Shopmatic, we are focused on addressing needs of all individual entrepreneurs and small businesses and this association will empower them to scale their business and sell cross border.”

Anurag Avula, CEO, Shopmatic

Partners we work with.

PayPal powers these local and international partners and more.

Partner Benefits


Marketing opportunities for you and your merchants


PayPal dedicated account management


Dedicated integration and technical support


Developer portal and demo portal tips and resources


Customisable PayPal advertising banners with our affiliate program


Access to PayPal product demonstrations


Financial benefits for sales volume over USD $300k. Read more benefits here

How it benefits your clients.

Simple and secure payment solutions, or customised to suit.

Give your client the best payment experiences or develop customised PayPal solutions for their web and email payments.

Globally established credibility that customers trust.

With PayPal, your client attracts more spending customers. People worldwide trust and use us – to the tune of 4.9 billion PayPal transactions in 2015 alone.

Technical Support.

Whenever your client needs technical or administrative support, they can reach us online or over the phone. We’re here for them at all times.

Marketing opportunities.

Your client could also be featured in our various marketing materials where applicable.

It’s free to join the PayPal Partner Programme.

Simply fill up our online form and we’ll contact you to follow up.

Frequently asked questions

What is the PayPal Partner Program?

The PayPal Partner Program is a free membership programme that is open for enrollment to any company/organization, system integrator, and/or solution provider with the capability to integrate PayPal as a payment method.

How would the PayPal Partner Program benefit my business?

It will help accelerate your business growth in three ways :

  • Increase the appeal of business to millions of merchants who already trust and accept PayPal. They, in turn, has the potential to increase their revenue by tapping in to over 180 million active PayPal customers around the world.
  • Acquire new clients through PayPal promotional opportunities, and leverage our marketing tools and resources to help scale your business.
  • Receive integration and ongoing support from a dedicated service team. Get started by contacting a Partner Expert.

How can I be eligible to be a PayPal Partner?

If you’ve already integrated any of these PayPal products - Website Payments Standard, Express Checkout, or Payflow payment gateway, into your ecommerce solution, you are eligible to join the program.

If you’ve not integrated PayPal functionality, no worries. You can enrol now. Once your application has been approved, you will have the access to PayPal resources and support.

A certification is required for Platinum and Gold partners and recommended for Members of the Partner Program. For a no-obligation review of your company eligibility, simply contact one of our Partner Experts.

Do I need to sign an agreement to join the Partner Program?

Yes, upon approval, each Partner must sign a Partnership agreement in order to officially join the Partner Program.

If I already have an agreement with PayPal, do I still need to accept the new one?

Yes. If you’d like to enjoy the additional benefits that the Partner Program offers, please sign up online.

Will PayPal provide integration support?

Yes, once you’ve enrolled into the Partner Program and your application is approved, you’ll have access to integration documentation support and developer forums.

I do business outside India too. Do I need to sign up for the Partner Program in each country?

This will depend on the countries in which you do business. We have programs available in a variety of countries to better serve regional needs.

Which PayPal products can I integrate?

Any of our product solutions are available for Partners. If you’re not sure which product best suits your business needs, contact one of our Partner Experts or click here to read more about our products. We’re here to help.

Will I get paid revenue share?

The eligibility for revenue share is determined on sales volume and is determined on a case-by-case basis as part of the Partner on-boarding process.

Financial Benefits*PlatinumGoldMember
Base rate0.20%0.10%-
Minimum net total payment volume (nTPV) in current year to qualify for payout$1,500,000 USD$300,000 USD-

*Financial Benefits definitions and requirements:

  • nTPV: Referred merchants' total sales volume made through the Express Checkout API or Website Payments Standard HTTP form post that is Recognised by your unique BN tracking codes(s) minus any chargebacks, refunds and reversals.
  • Base rate: Revenue share on referred merchants' nTPV – paid yearly.
  • Incentive rate: Additional revenue share based on actual growth rate exceeding target for the year – paid annually
  • Referred merchant: A merchant that uses a PayPal service (such as Express Checkout or Website Payments Standard) through the partner solution for the first time or starts transacting through the partner solution again after being inactive for at least 12 months. The partner solution is required to have a unique Partner Button Source Code (BN code) integrated to recognise referred merchants' transactions.

I have more questions. Who can I speak to?

If you have more queries about the Partner Program and how it could benefit your business, get in touch with our Partner Experts