Reasons for a declined payment.

There are reasonable grounds to conclude your account has been used fraudulently.

The card payment was declined by your credit card issuer.

The seller denied your payment.

Resolving a declined payment.

Here’s what you can do to proceed when your legitimate transaction is being declined.

Call our Customer service team for help.

Contact your card issuer directly. Alternatively, link a credit card to your account to make a payment.

Contact the seller directly or log in to transaction details page to view your seller’s responses.

Ready to help.

We screen each and every transaction and account before arriving to a decision to ensure your security. However, unpredictable consumer behaviour adds a layer of complexity – making it tougher for us to get it right every time. Consumers may behave out of their usual spending patterns at times and in such cases, their legitimate transactions may be declined. If you face a similar situation, contact us and we’ll help you look into the transaction.

Contact customer service

Help protect yourself.

Online hoaxes are getting more sophisticated, making it tough to know whether an email, SMS or website is real. It’s important you take extra precautions and adopt recommended best practices to stay safer online.

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