Why did I get result code 4?

PayPal returned result code 4 - Invalid amount.

When processing a transaction, PayPal returns this code if:

  • The amount being passed contains an invalid character or amount.
  • The address contains a period (for example, "Ave." or "Rd.").
  • A transaction for $0.00 was authorized for a processor that doesn't support account verifications.
  • The platform processing the transaction won't handle dollar amounts of up to 99999.99.
  • The card-issuing bank wants to confirm the transaction. This is similar to result code 13. See Why did I get result code 13 for more information.
  • The customer's credit card has a spending limit lower than the amount being authorized.
  • Global Payments Central forbids the capture of an amount larger than the authorized amount.

Review the preceding causes and verify that correct values are being used:
  • Check that the amount is formatted without commas or dollar signs ("1000.00," not "$1,000.00").
  • For authorization transactions (account verifications), use "0.01" or "1.01" as minimum amounts. The minimum amount depends on the processor.
  • Use only two digits to the right of the decimal point. For example, "137.899" is incorrect. The correct format is "137.89" or "137.90" (if you're rounding up).
  • If an address contains a period, delete it and retry the transaction.
  • Divide transaction amounts larger than 99999.99 into multiple transactions of smaller, possibly equal amounts and resubmit.
  • If a transaction exceeds the authorized amount, capture the original transaction as is, then submit another transaction for the additional amount. Due to security concerns, you must wait at least one minute to capture the original authorization after the failed attempt.

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