How do I change the expiry date of my debit or credit card on my PayPal account?

When the debit or credit card registered in your PayPal account is about to expire, we’ll send you an email reminder with instructions on how to update the expiry date. Once the registered card expires, you won’t be able to make payments using that card.

Remember to keep the expiry date on your card updated to continue enjoying a smooth shopping experience.

To update the date before or after expiry:

  1. Go to Payment Methods.
  2. Click on the card you want to update.
  3. Click Edit and enter the new expiry date.
  4. Click Save.
Note: If your card is eligible for automatic update with PayPal, we may update the card for you when new information is available, including a new expiry date or a new card number. Any billing agreement and payment preference associated with the old card will be migrated to the new card. We may also remove a card on your behalf if the card becomes unusable or has been closed.