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How do I integrate Braintree with Angell EYE for WooCommerce?

Disclaimer: This integration requires you to download and install a payment module before proceeding. You should also back up your site to ensure a safe recovery path in case installation issues arise. PayPal strongly recommends that a qualified network or systems admin install the module, to protect against site instability or other adverse impacts.

Here's how to integrate Braintree and Angell EYE:
  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  2. To use the Braintree payment method for WooCommerce, first download the Braintree module and install it to your WooCommerce cart using the following link: WooCommerce Braintree Payment Gateway
  3. Select WooCommerce > Settings.
  4. Click Checkout.
  5. Select Braintree from the Checkout Options list.
  6. Complete your Braintree integration for WooCommerce:
    • Enable/Disable - Select Enable Braintree Payment Gateway.
    • Title - Enter your Payment Method title, such as Credit Card or Pay using Debit/Credit.
    • Description - Leave this as is, or edit to provide a custom extended Payment Method description.
    • Enable Drop-in Payment UI - Select this.
    • Sandbox - Don't select this.
    • Merchant ID - Paste your Braintree Live Merchant ID.
    • Public Key - Paste your Braintree Live Public Key.
    • Private Key - Paste your Braintree Live Private Key.
    • Fraud Settings (Kount) - If your Braintree account has the fraud management tool Kount enabled, select your desired level of fraud support.
  7. Review additional options.
  8. Click Save.

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