Additional users

To help with account management and fundraising across your organization, the account owner can add up to 200 additional users.

Once you’ve been granted access, you’ll receive your own user ID, password, and account privileges, enabling you to enroll your organization and manage the PayPal Giving Fund account.

Use this brief guide to let the account owner know what they need to do to add you as a user.

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Account owner?

To add a user, go directly to Manage Users in your account.

When adding a user to enroll your organization and manage your PayPal Giving Fund, select the View Profile privilege listed under Administration to grant them the necessary access. You can add more privileges, as needed.

Join thousands of charities already using PayPal Giving Fund.

The PayPal account you use to enroll will receive donations from PayPal Giving Fund.


Don't have access?

If you don’t have access to your organization’s PayPal account, you may want to reach out to the account owner to be added as a user. Learn more