Be ahead of the game with PayPal at point of sale.

An easier way for your customers to pay.

PayPal is now integrated with TouchBistro, the leading POS solution that lets customers pay at your location using their mobile phone. Accept all forms of payment with a low fee of 2.7%.*

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"We can also take your payment right here on the spot through PayPal. And Boom, it's done! How easy is that?"

Paul Boehmer
Executive Chef and Owner, Boehmer, Toronto, ON

Cashless mobile payments.

Introducing the future of mobile payments. PayPal lets customers pay in store without cash using the mobile app.

Benefits to Restaurant Owners

There has never been an easier way to step into the future and offer the convenience of mobile payments to your customers.

  • No new hardware required.
  • Increase your turnover.
  • Ability for regulars to skip the line.
  • Speed up your transaction time.
  • Provide personalized service with the ability to greet your customers by name.
  • Automatically capture individual sales data and purchase history.
  • Get your restaurant listed inside the PayPal Mobile app. PayPal’s 4 million members will now be able to find and shop in your restaurant with ease.
  • Fully integrated functionality makes refunds and reporting a snap.
  • A great option for cash only locations. No credit-checks. No upfront or monthly costs.

How it works

  1. For merchants with TouchBistro’s POS software, your customers can check-in to your restaurant using the PayPal mobile app. See how your customers can located and pay using the PayPal app.
  2. Once your customers are checked-in, their name and profile picture will appear inside TouchBistro
  3. Your staff simply tap on the customer’s photo, verify their identity, and complete the transaction.
  4. The customer will receive an email receipt from PayPal.

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“It’s just a very easy, user friendly system to be able to check in, not fumble for cash, and then also build up some loyalty with the establishments they like to frequent.”

Ryan Visser, Director of Operations
Spirithouse, Toronto, ON

“The great thing about PayPal’s app is it helps us at Jimmy’s serve customers faster”

Elinor Barker, Manager
Jimmy’s Coffee, Toronto, ON

“People make reservations with their cell phones these days, so it makes sense that we also offer something like PayPal where you can pay with your phone when you come to the restaurant, which is a great thing.”

Paul Boehmer, Executive Chef and Owner
Boehmer, Toronto, ON

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The future of payments has arrived.

PayPal is working in partnership with leading point-of-sale terminal provider TouchBistro. A specialized solution for restaurant and quick service owners, TouchBistro comes pre-integrated with PayPal.


Keep more of your money with our simple pricing. You pay 2.7% per sale. Additional charge of 1% and currency conversion fee will apply for international transaction.

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