We can refund the return costs to your customers.

Your customers would buy more online if their return costs were free1. And that’s what we’re offering them: their return cost refunded2. For free.

Let your customers know

Offer your buyers what they want.

2 out of 3 shoppers say they would buy more online if return costs were free1. As a merchant, you can now offer this great experience to your customers. It’s one less thing for them to worry about when they shop at your online store.

How it works for
your buyers.

Your customers need to activate the service only one time, for free, and enjoy the service the very next time they purchase something with PayPal. To ask for a refund, they simply need to provide some basic information and their shipping receipts.

How it works
for you.

There are no costs attached to this service. Simply use our hosted banners available in different languages and sizes to promote it on your website. Your return process will not be affected, however, check how it may impact your conversion rate.

One less barrier for online shopping.

Because we highly value a great online shopping experience, and constantly seek to improve it, we’re pleased to offer this new service that benefits both our customers and our merchants. We have all the tools you need to let your customers know about it on your website.

Download our banners

Just a click away for your customers.

To benefit from this free service, your customers simply need to activate it
on their local Refunded Returns page. That's it.


Can I promote this service on my website?

Yes. We have developed hosted banners in different languages and sizes to help you promote the service to your consumers. Simply choose the language of your customers, select the best sizes for your site pages, and get the source codes to integrate banners on your site (homepage, product pages and/or at the checkout).

Do I need to change my return policy?

No. You should keep your return policy as it is. If you already offer free returns, the buyer can’t be refunded as you’ve already paid for the return.

Does it cost me anything to provide this service to my clients?

No. There are no costs attached to this service.

How do buyers request a refund?

To ask for a refund, they will need to fill out the Refund request form available in their transaction’s details clicking on 'Request a return shipping refund' and collect the supporting documents requested in the form.

How long do buyers have to request a refund?

They have 30 days after returning their purchase to send a request for refund. This means 30 days from the time that the buyer has returned their item and paid for the return, not 30 days from the time they purchased the item.

How will buyers be refunded and how long does it take?

If their request is accepted, they will receive the corresponding funds into their PayPal account. A notice of approval or rejection of the Refund Request will be sent within 5 business days. If the request is approved it may take up to 5 business days before the refund is made to your account.

Does it work with all shipping methods?

Yes, we accept returns from local post regular mail, courier, or any other regular shipping options or services2.

Is there a cap on the refunds offered?

Yes. There is a maximum cap of €30 per request2 for a refund on the buyer’s postage costs (or equivalent in local currency depending on the country of residence). Buyers will have to cover any additional costs themselves.

How many refunds can a buyer receive?

The maximum number of refunds a buyer can receive depends on which country they’re in. For more information, refer to local terms & conditions: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and 14 countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia).

Can I as a merchant also ask money back for my return costs?

No. The PayPal Refunded Returns service is available to consumer accounts only. This is one less thing to worry about for your customers when they shop online.
1 Compete.com “Can shipping costs affect online sales?”
2The Refunded Returns service is offered by PayPal Pte.Ltd, in partnership with TELUS International Europe, the service provider. See conditions.