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A shopping cart is an easy way to start selling online. It gives you access to all the tools you need in one place with pre-integrated payment, accounting, shipping and marketing solutions. And, in many cases, PayPal’s already integrated into the cart so all you need to do it upload your inventory and you’re ready to go.

An off-the-shelf shopping cart.

Hosted carts are off-the-shelf solutions that don’t need much technical knowledge to get started. They’re great for new businesses and usually provide support in case you need a hand.

Features to look for.

Look out for the following features when choosing the right hosted shopping cart for your business:

  • Mobile optimisation
  • Built-in marketing tools, including newsletter subscription management, discounts and vouchers
  • Social media integration so you can sell on your website, Facebook, eBay and Google
  • Real-time shipping calculations and flat rate shipping per order
  • Abandoned cart-savers so you can remind customers to complete their purchase
  • Inventory and order fulfilment management, data and customer lists, and reporting capabilities

A fully customisable shopping cart.

Fully customisable carts offer greater flexibility. They require a bit of technical know-how, so make sure you’ve got a developer to help you get set up.

Features to look for.

Open source carts usually include all the features of hosted ones, with some more advanced options available, like:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems, including newsletter subscription management
  • Multi-language capabilities for cross-border trade

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