choose how you'll pay each time you check out.

When you link multiple payment methods to PayPal, you can choose which one to use each time you check out. Shop, pay your bills and send money to friends, and stay in complete control of where the money comes from.

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More flexibility, more benefits.

Bank accounts

Send money to family and friends in Australia from your linked bank account for free.


Link as many as you’d like. You’ll keep earning reward points with most cards.*

PayPal balance

Received money with PayPal? Use your balance when you want to, or keep it for a rainy day.

Have a favourite way to pay? Set Your Preference.

Tell us your preferred way to pay for online purchases, and we’ll show this option first every time you check out. Want to use a different card or bank account? No problem! Choose from all your linked cards and bank accounts, or your PayPal balance if you have one, each time you check out.

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No matter which account you use, Buyer Protection has your back on eligible purchases.

Frequently asked questions.

We’ll always use your preferred way to pay first. But, if you want to, you can still choose your balance when you check out.

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