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With ongoing economic uncertainty and the rising cost of living, energy businesses need to act now to hold revenue steady and boost retention.

Discover 8 ways PayPal helps energy businesses meet customer expectations today.

Drive on-time payments.

With a growing number of consumers struggling to balance their budget, choice and ease of payments will be the differentiator between on-time and 60-day failure to pay.

Streamline operations.

Drive efficiencies with one payment platform. With automatic reconciliation, robust reporting and servicing, PayPal can help reduce operational costs.

Strengthen data security and compliance.

Lighten PCI compliance burdens by integrating with PayPal. Reduce the risk of fraud with advanced data-decisioning capabilities and our proprietary mix of data, models and tools.

Meet customer expectations.

Bill payments remain the most common online payment type among Australians, with 67% paying their bills online1. While utilities are a necessity, customers today expect the same, friction-free payment options and experiences they enjoy across their other online purchases.


of utility executives feel digital payments will help the company reach their goals.2

Cut collections.

With real-time payments and customers enjoying a 28% improvement in the purchase experience3, utility providers can build customer retention and loyalty.

A higher rate of transaction approvals on the first try4 and flexible payment methods can help boost the rate of on-time payments and cut collections costs.

Improve customer retention.

As the preferred online payment option for Australian consumers1 and the brand Australians trust to keep their payment secure5, PayPal delivers on customer demands.

The impact is in the numbers with merchant NPS scores growing 8%6 and customers more than twice as likely to come back for more.1

Discover 8 ways PayPal helps energy businesses meet customer expectations today.

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