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As a pioneer in online payments, PayPal sets the standard for fraud prevention by delivering industry-leading security solutions that keep your business more secure. Our sophisticated technology, well-engineered processes and top notch fraud intelligence remain vigilant 24-7 to safeguard your account and money at no additional cost.

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Protect your business.

Discover general and industry-specific fraud prevention tips, to understand how you can help deter fraud.


  • Delay shipping for international, expensive and/or large orders
  • Use your own shipping service or suspend the delivery
  • Track and verify the shipping address with the IP geo-location service from search engines


  • Keep records of names, email addresses, IP addresses and shipping addresses of customers. Match any suspicious activity against your blacklist to decline or flag blacklisted transactions.
  • Set limits for the number of purchases and total amount you’ll accept from one account per day, week, or month. You can also limit the sending country to low-risk countries.
  • Contact the customer by phone or email to verify information if an order appears suspicious.

Our security advantages.

  • Detecting fraudulent transactions instantly, in real-time
  • Progressive system upgrades that keep us ahead of fraudsters
  • Extensive data encryption for strict confidentiality and security
  • Monitoring of transactions 24/7
  • A dedicated anti-fraud team with 200+ specialists globally.

Reduce your business exposure to fraud.

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Essentials of fraud-prevention
Eliminate the risks and costs of fraudulent transactions with this comprehensive checklist.

  • It is a high-risk location (vacant property, hotel, country, or location highly known for fraud.)
  • Multiple orders are being shipped to the same address within a short period of time
  • A customer is requesting overnight shipping for an expensive order (i.e. electronics)
  • A customer asks you to change the shipping address after the order has been paid for