PayPal Chip Card Reader Guide.

Ready to take more kinds of payments? Just download the PayPal Here app on your compatible smartphone or tablet, pair it with your Chip Card Reader, and you’ll be all set to start getting paid.

Is your reader being shipped? No problem, start accepting payments straight away with QR codes using the app.

Explore the PayPal Here Guide to learn more.

Get to know your Chip Card Reader.

The PayPal Chip Card Reader is an easy to use, quick, and secure way to process chip card, contactless, and swipe payments on-the-go or in your store.

Pair your device to your card reader in 3 steps:


Go to your mobile device Settings and turn on Bluetooth®. You’ll see a list of available Bluetooth devices.


Turn on the card reader. The on-screen Bluetooth icon will start to blink rapidly, indicating that it’s ready to connect.


Select the card reader from the list of available Bluetooth devices. A steady Bluetooth light on the card reader will indicate that it’s successfully paired.

From now on, your card reader will auto-connect to the app whenever you turn it on. Watch our video to learn more about pairing devices.

Learn how to accept all kinds of mobile payments.

Insert Chip Card

Many cards now contain EMV chip technology, which creates a unique code for every transaction to help reduce fraud.

Tap Contactless Card or Device

Accept Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payments for your business.

Swipe Credit or Debit Cards

All credit cards continue to have magnetic stripes in case a customer doesn’t have an EMV chip card.

Choose your Chip Card Reader accessories.

Point-of-sale stands

Lockable tablet enclosures that are easy to use and help protect your tablet.

Receipt printers

Print professional-looking receipts quickly.

Stands and cases

Simple solutions to mount, carry, and help protect your card reader.

Cash drawers

Organize your cash and help keep your money secure with these cash-drawer options.

Get PayPal Here support.

Find answers online

Visit the Help Center to check our PayPal Here FAQs or ask the PayPal community.

Use in-app help

Troubleshoot directly from the PayPal Here app on your compatible smartphone or tablet.

Give us a call

Reach out to our Customer Support team for live help at 1-877-569-1136.

Get a Chip Card Reader today.

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