Why Freelancers use PayPal

Receive money easily and safely

You can create a PayPal business account with just a few personal details and start receiving money straightaway.

Access your funds faster

International bank transfers can take days, but payments reach your PayPal business account in seconds.

Accept more types of payment

Don’t miss out on a chance to get paid—let customers pay you with credit or debit cards, even if they don’t have a PayPal account.

Get paid by international customers

Safely accept payments from around the world—PayPal is available in 202 countries and 25 currencies.

Get paid via your shareable
PayPal.me link

With a PayPal business account, you can create a personalised PayPal.me link—for example, PayPal.me/YourBusiness—and then send it to customers by text, email, chat or social media. Think of it as a ‘pay now’ link. Let customers enter how much they owe or request a specific amount by adding it to the link—for example, PayPal.me/YourBusiness/25 for £25. Customers can pay instantly with their PayPal account.

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Get paid through easy
email invoices

Your PayPal business account lets you create email invoices with easy and free customisable templates. Get paid with debit or credit card, or with PayPal—your customers don't need a PayPal account. Request and receive partial payments and track unpaid invoices online. It's as simple as that.
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Get paid in person. Fast.

With a PayPal Here card reader, accept card and contactless payments in person, including Apple Pay and Android Pay, without monthly fees or a fixed term.* Payments reach your PayPal account in seconds.

First, sign up for a PayPal business account. Then, order a PayPal card reader and start getting paid.

Get paid securely on freelancer portals

Looking for your next job? The UK’s leading freelancer platforms already allow you to get paid through your PayPal business account.

* The PayPal Here card reader comes with a one-time fee which you’ll pay to receive the device. There’s also a fee per transaction. See all fees.