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Let PayPal take care of your payments and help grow your freelance business. From selling and upgrading your skills to managing your clients and money, we’ve got a suite of business resources that can help.

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Why use PayPal?

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Start getting paid quickly and simply

All we need are a few details to set up your account and you can start receiving payments straight away.

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Access your money faster

Receive your money quickly. You can withdraw up to $5000 without account verification.

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Your business is protected

With our Seller Protection that covers intangible items, you can do business confidently with new clients.

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Be a globally trusted business

PayPal is available and trusted in over 200 countries. Your customers have more confidence in your business when you use us.

Get direct payments from clients

Get paid with a link

Send customers your customised PayPal.Me link wherever you talk to them – in an email, over an online chat or on social platforms - and get paid in seconds.

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Get paid by email

Use our invoicing tool to quickly and easily request payments from your customers. They can also send you a payment through PayPal by simply entering your email address and the amount.

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Celebrate your freelance life with PayPal rebates

Get rewarded with a 1% cash rebate on payments from freelancer sites. Terms and conditions apply*

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Find work easily on freelancer sites

PayPal is accepted and trusted by top freelancer sites where businesses post job listings.

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We don’t just make it easier to get paid.

We make it easier to save.

Shop online securely from millions of merchants worldwide. And as a PayPal member, you get access to exclusive deals of up to 40% off at a wide range of stores.

Enjoy better online shopping with PayPal.

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Be your own boss, #PayPalFreelancer.

Make the most of your freelancer life with PayPal.

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