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How do I withdraw my PayPal balance in different currencies?

While you can keep many different currencies in your PayPal balance, the funds you withdraw to your bank account will be received in SGD or USD depending on your withdrawal type.

You can only withdraw from one currency balance in each single withdrawal. To withdraw from multiple currencies at once, you need to transfer them to your SGD or USD balance first. For example, if you have Euro and USD in your PayPal account, you can either withdraw them separately, or transfer your Euro to USD and then withdraw in USD all at once.

If you hold a balance in other currencies, here's how to transfer all funds to one balance:

  1. Go to your Account Summary.
  2. Click PayPal balance.
  3. Click Manage currencies.
  4. Select Balance conversion under "Currency Exchange".
  5. Enter the currencies and amount you want to convert.
  6. Click Calculate to preview PayPal currency conversion results.
  7. Click Continue to accept the conversion.
  8. Click Exchange Currency.Confirm the transfer.

Once you've converted all currencies into one, you can withdraw money from your PayPal balance.

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