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What is a chargeback, and why did I get one?

Chargebacks happen when your customer disagrees with a credit card charge and asks the credit card company for a refund.
Customers initiate chargebacks for a variety of reasons:
  • An item is different from its description or is defective.
  • An item hasn’t been received.
  • A credit card charge isn’t recognised.
  • A payment is processed multiple times.
  • A payment is unauthorised.

In the case of a chargeback, we’ll negotiate with your customer’s credit card company on your behalf and contact you for more information to support your case. Please respond timely as the credit card company makes the final decision on a chargeback case. Any delayed response may affect your chance of appealing the chargeback. It typically takes 30 days for us to dispute the chargeback, and it may take your buyer's card issuer up to 75 days to resolve a chargeback and come to a final decision.

We know that chargeback can be frustrating. We suggest you review our chargeback guide on how to avoid and handle chargebacks.

You can view the latest status of your chargeback case in the Resolution Centre.
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