Payments well sent.

You can send a payment to anyone with an email address.

This is to a friends or family

Free for both of you when sent domestically in NZD, and funded with your PayPal balance.

Friends or Family

This is for a good or service

Usually free. Currency conversion fees may apply. The seller pays a fee to process the payment. Buyer Protection may apply.

Goods or Services


Enter the recipient's email address.


Enter the amount and send your payment more securely.


Track your account activity in a single location.

You're in control.

Your credit and debit cards have evolved into a simple, single payment option. As fast as you can enter your password, you can control all your payments.

Keep your financials at home.

Your credit and debit cards are with you anywhere you go - and you can still get your reward points.

Pay for a job well done.

You can send a payment to anyone. All you need is their email address. Your recipient will need a PayPal account to receive the payment. If they don’t have one, we’ll send them a link to sign up.

“Each payment process is so simple and hassle-free, and I do not need to be worried about being scammed.”

Phoebe Kwan

Making a payment is free.

When you buy a service or product , we’ll charge the recipient. A small currency conversion fee may apply when you buy from an overseas seller.

More about fees

Pay it safe.

Sending payments through PayPal is safer than exposing your personal financial information. Every transaction is protected by advanced encryption and 24-hour fraud monitoring.

More about security

$ billion dollars processed by PayPal globally in 2015.

Straightforward. No surprises.

There are no additional fees when you make a payment using your PayPal balance.

More about fees

Sending and receiving payments is a breeze.

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