PayPal Debit MasterCard ®

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The PayPal Debit Card is the fastest way to get money out of your PayPal account.

  • Use it worldwide at ATMs, online, or anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Earn 0.5% cash back whenever you sign for a purchase1
  • Enjoy 100% protection against unauthorized charges to your card2


Product Details

Is there a withdrawal or spending limit for the PayPal Debit Card?

The default spending limits for the PayPal Debit Card are:

Daily spending limit is $3,000.00 USD.

Daily ATM Limit: $400.00 USD.


How do I get cash back rewards for using the PayPal Debit Card?


Do I need to have a PayPal balance to use the PayPal Debit Card?


What are the fees to use the PayPal Debit Card?


How long does it take to get the PayPal Debit Card once my application is approved?

It usually takes 2-4 weeks to receive your PayPal Debit Card in the mail.

1 Requires enrollment in the PayPal Preferred Rewards Program.

2 Applies to fraud and theft when you notify us within 2 business days.