It's easier than ever to withdraw your PayPal funds in Costa Rica.

Now PayPal gives you more options to withdraw your funds in Costa Rica quickly and easily—from anywhere, anytime.

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Choose from our three withdrawal services.

Transfer your funds with Kipo

Kipo is a digital platform that allows you to transfer your PayPal funds to any major bank in Costa Rica

Transfer your funds with Wink

Wink is a financial service that allows you to transfer your PayPal funds to any major bank in Costa Rica.

Have a Banco Nacional de Costa Rica account?

Connect your BNCR bank account and your PayPal account to withdraw funds locally.

PayPal means more opportunities for your business.

Now that you can withdraw funds locally, there are no limits to grow! Here are some of the benefits you have with PayPal:

  • Increase the power of your business by selling around the globe from Costa Rica, and put world at your fingertips.
  • Manage your funds your way, without complications. All you need is your connected accounts and a smartphone.
  • Be assured that your personal information will be private and secure. In addition, PayPal is your shield for the unexpected and covers you with Seller Protection Program.

More about PayPal security

Sell around the globe with PayPal.

Run all your transactions securely and smoothly from one place. We help protect buyers, sellers, businesses, and all sorts of different payment methods. So receive and spend money all over the place. We've got your back while you do.

Sell around the world

Reach out to over 230 million international customers who shop using PayPal. Available in 25 currencies, we’ll even coordinate currency conversion at checkout.

Seller Protection

Seller Protection automatically applies to your PayPal sales and helps shield your business from losses on eligible transactions.

Multiple payment options

With PayPal you can open your business up to the global market, by accepting major credit cards and debit cards from across the globe.

Secure technology and 24/7 monitoring

Next-level encryption keeps transactions heavily guarded from start to finish. We monitor all transactions—so even if you let your guard down, we’ve got you covered.

Your funds, your way

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